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Teachers have created Google Classrooms (See codes below) or assigned work on iReady.  If you have access to this work online, please do the work there.


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONLINE ACCESS, we have workbooks and printed work available at the school, or you can download it and print it from below. Teachers will use school status text messages to assign workbook pages each week.


The school is open Monday and Wednesday 9AM-12PM for school work pickup. Please go to the front window of the building and we will pass work through the glass.  Please practice social distancing by keep your distance from others in line.


Buses will deliver food Monday-Friday beginning at 11:00.  School work can be delivered by bus on Monday and Wednesdays ONLY if you request it through your teacher.


Teachers are available via School Status or email.  Please contact them with any questions about school work.


Dual-Enrollment and Online Spanish Students:  These classes are continuing online. If you do not have access to a computer/internet at home, please contact the school at 662-335-4527 or email Mrs. Barrett at

Printable Work for March 30 - April 3, 2020

Google Classroom Codes -- If you have Internet Access.

Class PeriodSubject AreaTeacherClass Code
2nd PeriodEnglish IIIRaycj3fdgb
3rd PeriodEnglish IIIRayz3y7xbz
4th PeriodEnglish IIIRayoj3m3to
5th PeriodEnglish IIIRay4zpnvgt
 Art 1Littlei6vrxow
 Art 2LIttlerhtvlt7
 Art 3LIttle5iwqt67
 U.S. HistoryMcCartythxedyb
1st, 3rd, 6thBiology IGreenhr4wnee
 Art 7/8Danielsgsfziqa
5thAncient HistoryDanielsnxhy6js
4th/5th/6thAlgebra IISwaffordc6yegnb
 Resource 9-12Martinekyirmb56
4th, 5th, 7thChemistryGreen37b7r2j
1st, 2nd 3rdEng IV/SREBBleyx6n2brf
4th, 5th, 6thWorld HistoryBleyoqyaskq
 French 1Pieronitm7ocdi
 French 2Pieronidrr5wdo
 Job Skills MathTatumrumxsae
 7th Grade HistoryTatumwcosot3
 7th Grade TutorialTatumf47eg2w
 8th Grade TutorialTatumr3yovpn
 8th Grade Job Skills Social StudiesTatumlax522d

1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th8th Grade ScienceDavenport1hr32ti
6th & 7th7th Grade ScienceDavenportp2utr4m
JH Choir7-8 choirHollimanhnqcb5k
HS Choir9-12 choirHollimanvfkhwqm
5thPhysical ScienceMadisonzk6t6f7
6thPhysical ScienceMadisonx4jp2ji
1st, 2nd, 3rdAlgebra I Chandler3qy5a3n
4th, 7th foundations to algebra chandler gcwxm5h
6thalgebra IIIchandlerbyyk5gd
7thWorld HistoryJosephr6m2qyr
7th Grade HistoryEllisgk7kkg2
8th Grade HistoryEllispgojbyt


8th Grade Readworks Account Codes:

1st Period -- STVMPV

2nd Period -- QT3ZVR

6th Period -- ZT7H6Q

7th Period -- G34LTK

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